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Not since 1986, when former Chicago Bear Willie Gault rose into leotards and to the stage to look inside a special number for that Chicago City Ballet, includes a sports figure been so carefully connected with cultural hobbies. But Giordano is breaking entirely new ground. Later on are we able to expect similar salutes to, say, Ryne Sandberg, Neal Anderson and Denis Savard?

And also the Bulls might consider staging Swan Lake at halftime to lure balletomanes.

Jumping with metaphors

Giordanos idea is intriguing on another level, too. Jordans advances and pivots, his elegant charge of his body, his charming presence, they've written, are suggestive of the greatest of classical dance.

So when he drives toward the basket, soaring above everybody in the game and seeming to hold in mid-air more than is possible, Jordan continues to be known as the Baryshnikov of basketball.

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