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As long as he finishes within the top three in Friday night's 5,000m final at the nation's Olympic tests, he'll be on the way to London both in occasions. The 2009 week Athletics Canada granted Levins, 23, a bye in the 10,000m race in the tests.

Just how he's accomplished his stunning results is just about the stuff of track and area legend. Levins stated within an interview he has spent the majority of the past year running between 150 and 160 miles per week a legendary workload that is constantly on the raise eye brows even among first class marathoners.

"After I read he averaged 155 miles per week, I really did not accept is as true in the beginning," stated Reid Coolsaet, certainly one of Canada's Olympic bound marathoners, speaking over the telephone from his Guelph training base. "Many people, once they saw he was running 155 miles, they thought, 'Oh, he or she must have meant kms. Because, honestly, 155 km per week, that's near to 100 miles. And that is most likely, normally, exactly what a 4th year or fifth year guy within the NCAA could be running."

Coolsaet stated he earnings about 210 km per week (about 131 miles). His most voluminous 7 days see him run about 240 km (about 150 miles).

Levins, who stated he'd formerly run about 120 to 130 miles per week, continues to be sworn to secrecy concerning the nuances of his training regime by his college coach, Eric Houle.

"We are doing a bit of things here which i know would raise eye brows," stated Houle. "On the top of growing mileage, there's other activities we are doing. Cam's guaranteed me he isn't likely to discuss the stuff. Why, out of the blue, can Cam, within the last lap of the race, leave all of these People in america behind as though they are standing still? I am talking about, it's not only distance training. It is going outdoors this area in many facets of training. I really appreciate this might not use another athlete again. However I know this: It labored with Cam."

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