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In 1859, siblings Marion and James Loyd from Dallas moved south looking for more room to graze cattle and horses, buying Walnut Creek, now Lake Joe Pool. Such as the Jordans, the Loyds eventually established a college on their own land that offered the city for 40 years as well as their ancestral home still is available in Loyd Park.

In 1861, Alexander MacRae Dechman was residing in Birdville, later re-named Haltom City, together with his wife and kids, as he learned he could trade his wagon and oxen for land in Dallas County. Dechman bought 239.5 acres with what has become downtown Grand Prairie, but was not able to construct a house here before joining the Texas Calvary in 1862.

The interviewed and accurate representation from the original townsite founded by Alexander Dechman on Jan. 2, 1863.

Dechman filed title on his prairie land using the county on Jan. 2, 1863, creating what can become Grand Prairie. He eventually abandoned the thought of living around the land and rather granted right of way with the property towards the railroad. The depression of 1873 stopped construction from the railroad, however it did not stop individuals from settling in Dechman. A publish office opened up in 1874 and 2 years later Dechman filed an urban area plat, giving almost every other lot towards the Texas and Off-shore Railroad in return for operating a depot there.

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