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One sport star who had an entire stranglehold on his sport was the 400 metres hurdles champion Edwin Moses. He won an remarkable 122 consecutive races but even though it is a person event of worldwide participation, the 400 metres hurdles does not quite have a similar amounts competing as golf!

I must know what you think if you think maybe you will find other athletes or ladies who might lay claim that they can the title however i certainly can't think about one.

I have loved reading through from the exploits of golfers like Sarazen and Hogan and watching the brilliance of Snead, Palmer and Nicklaus. 'The Golden Bear' has normally been utilized as the yardstick and typically, individuals who may have had the fortune to look at these best rate Nicklaus because the best.

Consider also the standard of his opposition. Unlike the tennis grand jams, the golf majors comprise fields with unbelievable talent yet Tiger is to date in-front he could make others look 4th rate.

I welcome your ideas, however for mine Tiger Forest may be the finest sport star the earth has seen by comparable margin because he centered the Tour Championship!

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