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AJ Mire released in 1991, rubber tongue is really a completely new design, retaining the special transparent bottom and buckles, bear, the idea of warrior armor, including red-colored / whitened / black colors which are more thirsty city, another whitened / red-colored / black but additionally due to Slam dunk (Yingmuhuadao put on) effect and be popular! Another Batman movie in the first episode of Batman's boots are converted AJ Mire! AJ Mire retro purchase in August 2000, once the scare from footwear to complete the earth's first jump, since the footwear switched red-colored and black side, but fortunately the ultimate continues to be fixed. dollars ebay cost! September 15, 2000, Nike released the Jordan Olympic 6 generation form of this shoe in blue based color the very first time, trapeze right into a warning sign. Since it is the Olympic Exclusive Edition, the cost of the shoe up to 399 dollars, and today has turned into a fan favorite boutique.

Should you look carefully the form of those footwear, there is a body hidden within the footwear from the 23 words, 2 may be the upper side from the support section composed of a big pattern, 3 may be the outer bottom sole design. 1990 91 Bulls brought by MJ outperform with a dirty trick to help make the criminals Detroit Pistons being New England champion, and also the West Bank through the Miracle Manley, James Worthy (MJ's teammate at UNC) brought through the LA Opposing team , earlier lost the essence of the bureau underneath the four consecutive condition championship games!

MJ Opposing team defense the 2nd time breaking his left hands lay as MJ Ten ball, the very first championship of his existence, based on MJ stated the wedding day! Jordan 6 decades, since the Chicago Bulls won the very first time within the 1990 1991 season, that is unusual. 6 generation was initially suggested in the style of interlocking rubber laces loose concept, this song is extremely popular at that time carefully, Jordan footwear, designer footwear to use these to the shoe, it can fasten shoe laces, also performed an excellent decorative effect. Also utilized on the soles of advanced translucent rubber in the finish, a rise of grip soles. Flyers sign made an appearance within the sixth generation 3, correspondingly, within the sole, tongue and heel.

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