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A police affidavit displays the quest for several robbery suspects. The teenagers are charged with offering to buy a set of athletic shoes, then taking them at gunpoint. A minumum of one suspect is charged with tugging the stunt two times.

Documents launched Wednesday particulars the very first robbery. It happened Saturday, August 3rd in a park near 21st Franklin.

As he showed up, a Pontiac Grand Am with four people inside drawn up. A youthful guy looked over the footwear, then insert them in his vehicle. The vendor told police the guy then lifted his shirt, revealed a gun, and stated "You best return, on my small hood."

A Great Am drawn up, with a couple inside. The teen demonstrated them his footwear, after which observed the client were built with a hand gun in the lap, along with a rifle within the back burner.

The motive force chuckled and drove served by the athletic shoes.

Researchers visited the Facebook page in which the deal have been arranged and observed the website for that user offering to purchase the footwear incorporated what appeared as if a title "Youthful Wes Marion."

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