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Within the largest possible sense, broomfighting may be the science and art of armed combat including cleaning, dusting or anteseptic weapons directly altered manually, shot or tossed (quite simply, brooms, feather dusters, sponges, mops, dual brooms, and so forth). Much like its sister sport fencing, it calls for using non lethal cleaning objects to strike opponnents and therefore claim victory. In contemporary common usage, broomfighting has a tendency to refer particularly towards the Amercan School of Broomsmanship.

Contents 1 [History] 2 [The 2 Sects for cleaning] 3 [Ranking] 3.1 [First Level] 3.2 Second Level 3.3 [Third Level] 3.4 [4th Level] 3.5 [Grand Level] 4 [Brooms along with other Weaponry] 4.1 [Brooms and Modified Brooms] 4.2 [Other Weapons]

History The entire year old art of broomfighting began in 2005 by Grayson B., presently the only real known Broommaster from the Broomfighters. It had been began from B.'s interest in a particular broom he would twirl and toss just like a batton. Whenever a certain Neneh S requested if she could try, B.'s excuse was that they wasn't a broommaster, a phrase he earned up on the place. When Neneh requested to become trained, a skill and sport was created.

The 2 Sects for cleaning In the begining of broomfighting, there has been two major sects to Broomfighting. One, the Broomfighters, who chose more classical weaponry including feather feather dusters and brooms. Another sect, however, Mop players, chose more recent and much more wet products for example sponges and mops. Although the two sects have experienced a substantial competition, their techniques are amazingly alike, featuring certain training techniques which are the identical Ranking Within the sport of broomfighting, you will find several ranks to attain within the mission to Broommastery. They're the following

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