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Or sports athletes wished to stay near to home or even the parents felt confident with the coach's ethics and understood their boy or daughter could be in good hands.

Most likely the sports athletes decided on a school simply because they thought the offense they went was ideal for their talents and is needed them within their quest for a professional career. Or they found school since the program was repairing and offered them an opportunity to start immediately.

Many sports athletes have selected their colleges due to certain intangibles: small class dimensions, intimate campus configurations, great weather, awesome arenas, regular television looks.

But shoes? Athletic shoes? The once-in-a-lifetime chance to put on a customized set of Jordans?

Within the slimy narrative that's becoming the most recent scandal attending college athletics the questionable prospecting tactics Or accustomed to lure running backs LaMichael James and Lache Seastrunk from Texas to Eugene probably the most absurd aspect may be the apparent participation of sneaker giant Nike.

Texas "scout" Willie Lyles, who had been compensated $25,000 by Or for his alleged abilities in talent assessment, incorporated in the are accountable to Or mind coach Nick Kelly the interior insight that Seastrunk loved Jordans.

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