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Previously I purchased our Jordans and Nike Air Pressure 1 in the City Gear within the METRO CENTER MALL or NORTHPARK MALL (you will find 2 locations within the Jackson Metro area). Neither from the locations from the City Gear stores are fair if this involves clients. For instance, when a set of limited Jordans footwear release it's not first come, first serve. One cannot even instantly reserve a set of footwear. list, a listing allegedly comprised of large investing clients. But everybody about this list is really a person that's a buddy of somebody whom is definitely an worker at the shop, minus a couple of of those out there. It's not only an issue with them choosing certain clients, this store can also be know to market items over MSRP. I've come across them boost the cost on Nikes since they have limited production. One other issue which i find disturbing is the fact that City Gear don't know when they will get a particular product until yesterday it releases. An issue that may get worst later on may be the unorganization on large sneaker release days, in New You are able to or Chicago, this might become violent and tragic essentially due to bad store managers and worker employees are unproffessional and they're not trust worth clients. For instance, my older brother were built with a closed box of popcorn in a closed bag. The sales rep walks over the store and informs my buddy, a appropriately outfitted 35 years old guy, need to toss the popcorn away or get free from the shop. This happened in the Northpark City Gear. This really is sad because City Gear used to be a great place for those who love athletic shoes for example myself. However it appears since 2006 it's been heading down hill. I'm a across the country known sneaker collector and would like to shop in the store and conduct business in the Metro Center City Gear or Northpark City Gear but do in order to rude attitudes, unfair treatment to clients, and also at time marked up prices, I'd rather buy my athletic shoes from another store within the Metro area or from the website.

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