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A couple of things happened within the last 24 hrs which convinced me the econ dunia ngeblog is good and can continue going strong a minimum of my finish from it.

The first is the outpouring of excellent arguments throughout (see for instance here and here) against someone's rash statement the econ dunia ngeblog might be going the clear way of the used vehicle market. Because these comments made obvious, you will find sufficient incentives and causes of the blogs to stay active and convey top quality content but possibly in various forms (more uncommon posts, joint blogs, greater utilization of aggregators).

And 2nd, within my visit to Nottingham I had been simply stunned by the number of people reported reading through my blog. Not just that, people really appreciated my posts some going a long time back. With this particular type of positive feedback, together with others like

Not too incidentally, among the unpredicted scholarly advantages of getting your blog is it is much like keeping an intellectual journal. You receive a concept, you jot it lower inside your blog. Some several weeks later, you vaguely remember getting had the concept and also you google your personal blog to recuperate it. I'm not kidding: I google my very own blog constantly.

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