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The town's first official election was April 28. As many as 107 votes were cast choosing the very first mayor, Stephen P. Lively, and five aldermen. The recently chosen aldermen wasted virtually no time enacting Grand Prairie's first 10 laws on June 9. The laws and regulations defined the government's responsibilities, prohibited moving someone having a contagious disease into the city, forbade ball playing inside a public street, managed to get illegal to shoot guns around and controlled privies and public houses. The laws also set speed limits, forbade the purchase of alcohol to minors and hang punishment for that cruel management of creatures.

The recently incorporated Grand Prairie's downtown was growing in advances and bounds. The city boasted a cotton gin, dry goods and supermarkets, two blacksmiths, a barbershop and laundry, pharmacy, millinery shop, hotel, a publish office, lumberyard, home improvement store, a carriage maker, along with a short order stand offered cold drinks, meat and barbecue. One proprietor put lower a cement pavement before his Primary Street home, so impressing the Commercial Club they passed an answer commending the advance. Other people were quick to participate the ensuing pavement campaign to battle the ever present dirt.

Exactly what the town really needed, but wouldn't get until 1917, was a structured fire department. Bucket brigades were utilised to battle most fires, together with a 1903 blaze that destroyed a supermarket, saddle shop and doctor's office. A bucket brigade was of little experience March 26, 1909, whenever a fire began within the train depot and destroyed a whole business block. A Sept. 23, 1909, fire destroyed six companies and motivated citizens to require a community water system, that was finally approved in 1911.

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