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Here is evidence: the very first third of my talk at Nottingham took it's origin from a few blogs from the couple of days back (this which). So perhaps that somebody also over mentioned the part about chance costs.

I confused, Mankiw hasn stopped writing for everyone or stopped writing on the internet. What he's done is defined an finish to comments. I have not gone on Mankiw blog, yet I just read his posts. That because Mark Thoma sometimes puts them on his blog. Sometimes I start out Dani has written on his blog and publish them within my comments on Mark Thoma blog. So unless of course these economist are likely to start writing for any professional audience or stop posting their documents on the internet, the econ dunia ngeblog goes on as lengthy as economist take their fingers towards the keyboard to state something they believe needs saying.

I'd conclude that even it you had been to define your blog like a community of great interest, meaning it needs to have commentary, mix pollination protects so good economist won disappear make up the econ dunia ngeblog and you will see commentary.

There's another part of writing a blog site without comment that involves mind. By doing this are you currently passing off your duty of maintenance for those who would comment when they could with other blogs given that they can invariably comment there?

One further factor, I'd written a lengthy form of these comments. It got lengthy enough which i felt I'd be imposing around the readers basically utilize it unabridged. One thing I observed was which i could rely on my fingers and toes the amount of commentors on Dani blog. Since Dani has pointed out the amount of those who have congratulated him on his blog, Personally i think rather presumptuous. I ought to have recognized that almost all visitors were quiet as he pointed out he had 3000 hits on a single of his posts.

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