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Jordan Johnston and Dakota Harwood, both 17, met newcomer year of senior high school. Their 4 month old boy Jaysen was unpredicted, but magic nevertheless.

Holding him within their arms now, the pair stated it has been a nightmare given that they almost lost him inside a hit-and-run crash on Saturday in Holiday. The household have been walking home in the park at that time and Jaysen was sent flying from the stroller.

"After I got hit, the very first factor to visit was my leg," stated Harwood. "t got pulled beneath the vehicle. My footwear counseled me torn up. I had been on the ground, I acquired upright and went to him."

Jaysen was rushed towards the hospital and thus were his parents.

Fortunately, all of them steered clear of with only minor injuries and therefore are recuperating back in your own home.

Both Johnston and Harwood, who're engaged, stated they are wishing for any call from police to inform them they driver that nearly wiped out them continues to be caught.

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