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While reviews of strange animals literally abound through the length and breadth from the Uk, there's a single part of the country that certainly appears to do something being an absolute magnet for such high strangeness: it's known as the Castle Ring. Situated within the village of Cannock Wood, Staffordshire, and lived on greater than two 1000 years back, the Castle Ring is definitely an Iron Age structure generally referred to as a Hill Fort, and stands 801 ft above ocean level.

On May 1, 2004, Alec Williams was driving passed the carpark that sits at the bottom of the Castle Ring as he was witness to some dark, hair covered, guy like entity that lumbered over the road and in to the attendant trees. Williams mentioned the sighting survived barely a couple of seconds, however that he could write out the form of their monstrous form: involved seven ft tall, with short, shiny, brownish hair, large mind coupled with eyes that glowed vibrant red-colored. Because the newspaper noted, group of real existence ghost busters had determined the section of Gentleshaw that surrounds Castle Ring lay upon a fault. Indeed, the entire space around Castle Ring is a hotbed of surprising activity for a long time and not every one of it involves strange monsters.

Obviously, it shouldn't be forgotten that giant, dark shapes and strange lights were both staples areas of Alec Williams 2004 sighting close to the Castle Ring, too. Whatever is afoot in the Castle Ring, it appears to exhibit no indications of disappearing in the near future.

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