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Like a basketball brand [focusing on youthful males], we began to seem like there is only so large that people might get. Therefore we began to complete other items. We did a wear shoe. We did an exercise shoe. We began to complete training clothing. I truly believe that it diluted our brand. We began to change our logo design therefore it wasn so basketball only. The concept was, we have to enable more customers to feel that they'll buy our product. really believe that began our slide lower whenever we ought to have stated, guess what happens? When we could be a $200 million, $300 million, $400 million, $500 million company, and it could take us ten years to obtain there, that's as large as possible be. That's doing the best factor for that consumer versus saying, wish to be a $500 million company in 2 years. We have to expand our products. You forget why the customer loves.

Berger: Whenever we went vertical, we recognized this business includes a limited size. At our height in 2001 with this licensees, i was about $285 million [But] we're within an industry where we're rivaling $1 billion, $2 billion, $12 billion companies plus they can spend a lot more in marketing. Therefore we felt like we wanted to create more income therefore we could waste your money on marketing.

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