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bad tough scold a means: not fight, all of the calmness jordans 8 orders and allows Lao Tze thinks allow it a little of thought. Inside within the class again started again dead quiet, outdoors of large trumpet however ring wake up: person of inside learns, I is west mountain county public security official bureau chief 10000 sign not, should you dare to harm hostage, we'll immediately do something. The center age guy squints Jing to look at very lengthy and gradually opens a set of eyes afterwards and hanging in the ground stare at Wang Si Yu to determine, after several minutes, he shook to shake neck, the handle knob gun transformed cartridge clip and pressed bullet in the Tang, wrinkly eye brows way: the time is hidden, what opinion are you currently two? The individual of entrance holds face, a set of eyes take goal around in individuals women and lastly fall evidently from the jade in summer time, when the mouth smile and peep out a yellow-colored brown tooth and never care a hurry tunnel: matter, oldest brother, I pay attention to yours, however hope tomorrow morning walk just good, ought to can sleep here at night up an understanding. The guy from the mid-life smiling, shake mind a means: you haded no future most , student more youthful sister is useless, didn create a mind, the time is hidden, and also you, you what opinion? The time was hidden to hesitate for some time, put on eye brows for that Cu of way: brother, he states is also reasonable, even when know perfectly well is really a trap, should also drill for some time, otherwise city inside bearer, estimate this county justice of the peace existence to become getting good useless. The center age guy purchased to jerk and grew to become overdo and wished Wang Si Yu, cold tunnel: okay, county justice of the peace Wang, that learns yours, our elder brother 3 even when lend a means, anxiously waited until a location, we place you, however you need to beat to get a lot using the person of outdoors, can't have ambush in addition to have going after troops on the highway, otherwise, our siblings will certainly greatly open rule against killing. Wang Si Yu got a mobile phone, but didn stir number, but coldly wished him, soft voiced way: me to transmit you to definitely become, put these students all, otherwise, I'm able to stir this telephone. The center age guy shakes mind a means: not too go a you to definitely wish to be the hero of heroic sacrifice how you can do?Stated again, if is really a trap, you will find these girl sub companies, visit the hell of Yin Cao together, also just in case Receive more solitary. Wang Si Yu bit to grind teeth and ongoing persistence way: one half a minimum of, this is actually the main point here, otherwise didn get quantity of company. Mid-life guy facial expression becomes dark to obtain up and boosts pistol, crest on Wang Si Yu temple, vehemence roaring tunnel: threaten me, I don enjoy being threatenned most , you're so rash to produce from soccer practice to living, have what cat get frustrated with?BE plan to decline towards the loss cheapest? The environment capital of scotland- Wang Si Yu forms ground for you to him and shakes mind a means: think Receive tooer many, I simply don aspire to appear a surprised circumstance, in the end, you've already once ended up of tongue, if arrive destination, you for masking to flee of direction, plan to kill individuals to kill, I labor useless. Stopped action once the female students signed, all thoroughly hope him, the center age guy handle knob pointed summer time jade, light tone way: Xia Males miss, you jump ought to see. Wang Si Yu sees him and releases seven students and greatly forms within the heart, touch begin machine, walk to prior to the window, called 10000 to sign not of telephone, the reduced voice spoke: 1000 bureau chiefs, you very carefully record well, the polices on your way all withdrew, before don stay an individual and then try to discover medium Ba Che whom a collection dangles Lian boy to reach teaching prior to the building and obey orders. Chapter 129 Jing flower makes moves 10000 sign don knit the eyebrows to complete listenning to, always feel a Wang Si Yu words inside implicit deep idea, slightly on deliberating, within the brain by leap and bound expensive across before establish Fu words, favour light tone way: to obvious your meaning, county justice of the peace Wang, I this arranges, wouldn't until after twenty minutes prepared to, please must watch a safety. worrying, do not need to concern yourself with me. The satisfaction location of Wang Si Yu jerk, inside a soft voice came back a , with hang up the phone a mobile phone, turn round for you to a guy toward the center age, pass an observation, now he face-up don peep out a unique facial expression, the within the mind somewhat stable lower, Yang Yang mobile phone, smile a means: arrange good, wait again for 25 minutes, we are able to leave. The center age guy walks towards the window side, the character outwardly wishes to watch from the distance after which once turns body and hurtles another two scoundrels to buy, light tone way: for some time, resides is dead, check this out encounter, as lengthy as once hurrying this jaws of dying, our siblings returns free and unfettered and a bit more comfortable and happy times of capabilities. Wang Si Yu ' ' on smiling, the expression self composedly puts a hands way: not worry, as lengthy while you don hurt students, I completely can promise your safeties.

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