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our several elder siblings can provide jordans footwear the discount cost and provide a 30% discount. What seem falls behind, three scoundrels as you guy smiled, Wang Si Yu coldly wished his one eye, harsh voice reprimand angrily to some way: what smile, have what funny!We don also endure time, you place the lady within the class, I this provides to create a telephone call outdoors and allows them arranges a vehicle, I give back to depart west mountain county. Mid-life guy Yin coldly on smiling, place a hands way: 't be rash, didn when it's time. After finishing saying, he begins to reach a wall close to the window way side, the strabismus outwardly wishes to go, and also the low voice whispers a means: justice of the peace Wang, outdoors came the number of snipers still 5? One earthquake in the middle of Wang Si Yu, but complexion calm tunnel: sniper, what sniper will the west mountain county where have. Mid-life guy the kitty waist walk towards the another a part of window, outwardly wished a very long time and set a hands way: justice of the peace Wang, you don function as the fool in my experience and find out, free airline mountain leaves and saves city so near, not arrive an of your time particularly the police can arrive to, we toss about so large action, especially police just how can not come? Wang Si Yu is wrinkly to knit the eyebrows, tone steady tunnel: no so seriously, gun fight momentary after livinging, I already hurry through come, always around the place in control of, I press lower legal situation come, don to city make collective report. The center age guy switched mind to smile to smile and shook mind a means: ghost, there's no absolute confidence, you the way dare in the future directly into enter dying, outdoors and certainly used tight dragnet, wait our elder brother three drill, venture out now, affirmation is really a stalemate. Wang Si Yu shook to shake mind, cold tunnel: for all of us to simply have two, should you not and hurriedly leave, the affair cans not get appropriate solve, the town bureau soon become involved, when it's time, even when I additionally don't have any method to place you. Mid-life guy cat waist along side it walk back and sit up for grabs a behind in the window, your eyes time coldly required goal one eye on Wang Si Yu face, light tone way: not go, can't venture out during the day, even when wish to walk, should also walk in the mid evening, heaven was black in those days, the sniper view is exposed to help, don dare to spread out fire indiscriminately. Wang Si Yu is wrinkly to knit the eyebrows, place a hands way: not use the night, therefore the parents make, the affair will completely come unglued, for your misgiving doesn't have not seem sensible, either, for eliminating your worry, I'm able to call to anticipate a vehicle in 1, the vehicle window is blocked using the Lian boy up, call the individual arrive vehicle teaching lower stairs, you are able to the Serta arrive so that all not become? The guy from the mid-life is cold cold on smiling, take gun crest the following Han that lives Wang Si Yu, dislike tunnel: don use to arouse method, useless of, I only say just to walk at night after which walk at night, again useless talk, I flattened you. Wang Si Yu holds tight his wrist, orthoptic his eyes, jerk a means: fire, since come, haven't wished to earn a living to visit out, you need to can be a guy, now opened up fire to break down me, anyway leadership within the city arrived the night, will certainly advocate strong offend, with that time everybody can also be together dead, who have the ability to not a way to reside lower! The guy from the mid-life small small one Zheng, expensive across within the vision together surprised air, he gradually moves a gun to spread out and boosts surface of mind, bang ground opened up two guns and hid is frightenned in the women of corner of wall, immediately instant and worsening towards the ear screech, the center age guy crumples a bridge,

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