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They gave us another chance. We returned early in the year and glued the colours, and our stuff travelled from the merchants shelves. Within three days these were completely offered out. [In 1994], we went from finding yourself in 10 Feet Lockers in Feb [to] 1,500 Feet Lockers in June across the nation. We went in four several weeks from being zero within the tee shirt sell to being their # 2 basketball supplier. How have you focus on the forex market? What types of methods did your organization employ to be able to sell to this very specific number of customers?

Berger: Our product was our greatest marketing. As small businesses having a limited budget, the [best] method to message for your consumer is really your products. Our product needed to do well to put on and really say something towards the consumer [to ensure that] he could represent themself like a basketball player Also, we'd conduct focus groups. We'd take our stuff to the basketball courts all across the nation and request kids, of those t shirts would you like? Which of those shorts would you like? Which of those footwear would you like? we increased, we ongoing to employ youthful basketball gamers within our product and marketing area. We hired kids from Penn, from Stanford, from Haverford, [all whom] performed ball. They'd be our first filter. If our stuff can manage them, it's not escaping . the doorway. [Next] we visit the kids who will be purchasing our items six or nine several weeks in the future. Ultimately, it doesn really appear I prefer It matters what that 16 years old kid likes. We felt that people couldn occupy the customer mind its shoes and apparel in athletics. We would have liked to make certain that whenever you considered basketball, you considered AND 1 first. Should you considered soccer or tennis, we didn would like you considering our brand. Actually, some people would say, don understand what AND 1 means. I'm not thinking about buying that. We'd say Should you don understand what AND 1 means, then you definitely shouldn be purchasing our product. that niche customer] began us on the right track, stored us going. Really, whenever we veered from that path later, it truly screwed us as a business. Do you know us a bit about this?

Berger: Yes, that's fun. Rafer to my Lou Alston is definitely an National basketball association player. I understood Skip in the town as he was seven, but everybody began to understand him as he was 17. He'd existed a lot of different high schools before he visited Fresno Condition. He would be a great basketball player.

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