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Li Wanfen annoyed shouted. This is, this is tory burch bags Xu Feng Yuan 's son, Chad would not be so bad, it hurt a little, like a few days, a few of the East, you do not just go home, go visit it military, that, that little thing, dad to bother you ! Li Wanfen face suddenly pulled down, quipped : tory burch outlet online I say, let your busy man like a trip to the hospital is really easy, if nothing, you are not going to come, it was looking for something tory burch outlet online son, ah, small East, just hurt your body, tell him to go home to convalesce, is there anything such as eight or ten days to say it !

Xu Feng Yuan fact, today simply do not want to come to the hospital, small heads up, but did not think, tory burch factory outlet one to the military not to sit down, he commanded tory burch outlet online To see XU Shao-dong, even reason not to, or dry Akio ask the one, but was Ding old one : This is a state secret. To pass, since it is a state secret, as a soldier, of course, know discipline, not asking for. Xu Feng Yuan heart is strange, tory burch outlet online son is not active duty, even if it is a personal friend to visit, do not put people in the military get to meet it, can wait for the end of the reception, a private meeting, but the head of the small opening, the only unconditional obedience tory burch outlet online so tory burch outlet online to come to the hospital.

Small East, not tired myself, mom to go back to do the meal tory burch outlet return tory burch outlet online are not soldiers, some things are not obligations tory burch outlet online 's, you know? Before even walking, Li Wanfen are particularly confessed one, do not know what selfless woman, she only knew a home, have a husband have a son, then peace, fortunate blessing over their easy life, for those national affairs, she bugger, do not want the tube. Unlike in front of my mom in the car, Xu Feng Yuan face became somewhat dignified, looked XU Shao-dong said: small East, met with small heads, etc., tory burch outlet online then good talk, the capital is some thing anyone wants to deal with Xu home, tory burch outlet online dad a lot of pressure now.


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