Prince De Neufchatel 1:64 Scale

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Prince DeNeufchatel, American Privateer

by Model Shipways • Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

One of the most distinguished of the American privateers of the War of 1812, Prince de Neufchatel was built by Christian Bergh at New York in 1812-13. A superbly built brigantine of 310 tons, she measured 107' 6" at the waterline. She carried sixteen 12-pound carronades and two long 18's as chase guns. Captained by J. Ordonaux of New York, she sailed with a crew of 150 men.

Prince de Neufchatel ’s most stunning battle took place on October 11, 1814, as she sailed with 37 prisoners and $300,000 in goods after a very successful cruise. Most of her crew had been sent to man the prizes she had captured, with only 40 remaining on board. The British frigate Endymion sighted and pursued her, dispatching 111 men in 5 boats. Neufchatel opened fire, but the boats were soon alongside, and the British clamored aboard. A desperate battle ensued. Seven Americans were killed and 24 wounded, with only 9 men left untouched. The British lost the fight with 28 killed, 37 wounded and 10 taken prisoner.

Model Shipways' Prince de Neufchatel uses high quality basswood for internal frame-work. Our own laser machine cuts all wooden parts to absolute perfection. Single-piece keel and deck planking are basswood, and 22 bulkheads are high quality 1/8" plywood. Stem, rudder windlass supports, gun carriages and mastcap are walnut. The hull is planked twice; flexible basswood strips are covered with a layer of rich walnut. We include extra walnut strips for channels and railings. Perfectly scaled fittings include two sizes of wooden deadeyes and six sizes of walnut single and double blocks. Black standing and gray running rigging is provided in four diameters each. Britannia metal fittings are plentiful and accurately detailed, and include galley stack and two-horned cleats. Sixteen turned brass carronades were designed specifically for the Prince. Brass is also used for rudder, spar bands, pumps, and eyebolts. Gunport lid hinges are copper. Five sheets of plans leave no detail unrecorded, and 32 page illustrated instruction manual is easy to follow. Basswood launching ways complete the kit. (Display base is not included)

Intermediate Level • Model Shipways Kit No. MS2110

Length 32-1/2" / Height 23" / Scale 3/16" = 1 (1:64)


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