Mamoli Hms Beagle 1:64 Scale

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HMS Beagle Ship Model by Mamoli - Historic Wooden Ships

HMS Beagle

by Mamoli • Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

The HMS Beagle was built in 1817 as an eight-gun fighting ship. Modified in 1831, she served as Charles Darwin's floating laboratory on his historic voyage to the Galapagos Islands.

You'll be delighted with Mamoli's high quality HMS Beagle kit. Pre-cut wooden parts make traditional double-planked assembly fast and easy. Under-planking is flexible limewood, covered by a second layer of rich walnut. Wooden ship's boats, helm, blocks, deadeyes, and gun carriages are ready to use. Fittings, including burnished metal cannon barrels and gleaming brass ornaments, are the finest available. Silk-screened flags, cotton rigging, display cradle and nameplate complete the kit. Detailed plans and illustrated instructions assure trouble-free completion.

Intermediate Level • Mamoli Kit No. MV20

Length 26" / Height 17" / Scale 1:64

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MV20 HMS Beagle Rear Detail MV20 HMS Beagle Guns & Lifeboat MV20 HMS Beagle Front DetailMV20 HMS BeagleRigging Details MV20 HMS Beagle Rear Detail MV20 HMS Beagle Birds Eye View

A Very Brief History of Darwin’s Journey
In June 1831, the HMS Beagle set sail from England under the command of Commander Robert Fitz Roy on a 4 year surveying mission (Fitz Roy was promoted to Captain during the cruise). Fitz Roy had decided to take along some one who would "profit from the opportunity of visiting different countries yet little known." The person who took up this unpaid position was 22 year-old Charles Darwin.

After three years of surveying the South American coast, the HMS Beagle reached San Cristobal (Chatham) in September 1835. The Beagle spent 5 weeks in the Galapagos carefully charting the archipelago. Fitz Roy's chart was remarkably accurate and remained in use until the USS. Bowditch recharted the area in 1942.

In the meantime, Darwin made careful observations about both the geology and biology of the islands. Darwin was particularly struck by the"differences between the inhabitants of the different islands".

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