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The Simplest Way To Sell Your Model Kits, Trains, Diecast Cars, & Hobby Collectibles!

Model Expo - The Largest Recycler of Model Kits & Hobby Collectibles!

Recycle Your Kits Or Collection In Three Easy Steps!

1. Create

The process begins with you! Please make a list of the items you would like to sell and remember to include:

  • Quantity
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Description
  • Any Issues / Details
  • Condition
  • Is there an original box

If you do not have a list or cannot make a list, please contact us for assistance

  • 800-222-3876
  • recycle@modelexpo-online.com
  • Submit your contact info here

For large collections, we can work with you to make arrangements without a list.

2. Submit Create

Send us your list and we’ll get started as soon as we receive it!

E-mail your list to recycle@modelexpo-online.com

Fax your list to 954-925-2240

Mail your list to:

Model Expo
3850 N. 29th Terrace
Suite 106
Hollywood, FL 33020

3. Sell

You’re done!

Now the heavy lifting starts - and with a good inventory list, we probably have all that we’ll need. We may, on occasion, call / email you to ask a few questions about you and your collection to aid us in determining which is the best option for you.

For large collections, we may want to come take a look - we have been known to travel as far away as California for a collection!

Options Tailored To Meet Your Needs!

Get a Fast & Fair Offer to Purchase Your Entire Model Kit or Hobby Collection

We’ll review your list to see if there are opportunities; we’ll usually notify you within 2 business days as to whether or not there we have interest.

If we’re interested, we’ll spend some time evaluating your items based upon our own history (we’ve been in this business for over 35 years!) and other resources. If we have further questions, we’ll reach out to you for more details. Once we have completed our evaluation, we will call or email our offer to you with applicable details.

Let Us Sell your Model Kit or Hobby Collection Through Our Online Auction Site

We offer competitive commission rates for selling your items on your behalf - and the process could not be simpler!

If we’re interested in your items, we can sell them on your behalf for a 50/50 split - you keep 50% of the final selling price and we keep the other 50% (less 15% for auction site fees and PayPal processing). We’ll pay you via check or PayPal transfer.

Your first item will normally list to auction within 7 - 10 business days of receiving your Model Kit(s) or Hobby Collection. You’ll receive payment for your items at the end of each month. If an item does not sell, we’ll re-list it at a later time - sometimes, the simple ending and restarting of an auction is all that is needed to get customers intereste

Model Expo - Your One Stop Shop For Recycling Your Model Kits Or Hobby Collection!